Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Wow there is a lot of information on this video. Where to start this is a screen cast that walks you through the basic idea of second life. These individuals are involved in creating tutorials on how to use second life. They have tried many types of tutorials but the one that I think would be the most useful is allowing the student to walk through the second life and having instructions and hints as they play. I think it is very interesting that they were able to create a whole city like London as a second life. They mentioned how many people find second life to be very confusing and overwhelming and I agree. I watched the video and I am confused. I also found it interesting that once a person logs into second life they stay for 7 seconds and if they are not hooked they will leave. I normally give something new at least five minutes so that was interesting, we do like in a society now that moves from one task to another at the speed of light.

Honestly I cant imagine using this in my classroom. I would be willing to learn more about the system before I make a final decision but it seems like a very unstructured social network. I am very possibly wrong about this and if so a apologize. I would love to see how we can make this educational for our students. I think that virtual words can be very motivation for our students if they have the proper training on the system.

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