Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My scribe post was assigned for week 5, this was a catch up week so I didn't scribe. However I found this course to be so informative that if I were to summarize the whole semester I would have to say that there is too much for a summary. We learned how to embed, link, screen cast, blog, develop a unit plan, use google maps, documents, forms, power point, voicethread and the list continues. There was so much to learn in this course that a semester is not long enough! This class should be 2-3 semesters long. I will continue to follow Wes through his projects because I feel he has so much to offer the future teacher. So as a farewell thank you Wes and I look forward to following you through your projects in the future. Thank you soo much for the tools you have given me for may future classroom and I will do my best at being a lifetime learner!

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  1. Next time try and get your scribe post up a bit closer to the week it was assigned! I am glad you learned a lot in this course. :-)

    You needed to post this on our T4T Scribes Blog, rather than here on your own personal blog.