Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Paula White is currently a teacher and is responsible for the wikithink which is a wiki all about analyzing your wikis. During her screencast she talks about not only encouraging our students to develop their own wikis but for teachers to share ideas through wikis and to motivate or engage our students with these wikis. Paula uses wikis to share lesson plans with other teachers and to get feedback about her lesson plans. I really like this idea.

As a future teacher to know that there are people out there available to give me lesson ideas and feedback on my ideas is a relief. We need to "discover the students passions" to determine whether our projects are engaging our students. If the project isn't engaging then the students aren't going to want to participate and then what is the point. I really like the block she showed of the 8 engaging qualities of work. I will definitely want a copy of that chart. I really like her ideas and I will be a on her wiki in the future as a teaching resource for my future classroom.

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