Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My scribe post was assigned for week 5, this was a catch up week so I didn't scribe. However I found this course to be so informative that if I were to summarize the whole semester I would have to say that there is too much for a summary. We learned how to embed, link, screen cast, blog, develop a unit plan, use google maps, documents, forms, power point, voicethread and the list continues. There was so much to learn in this course that a semester is not long enough! This class should be 2-3 semesters long. I will continue to follow Wes through his projects because I feel he has so much to offer the future teacher. So as a farewell thank you Wes and I look forward to following you through your projects in the future. Thank you soo much for the tools you have given me for may future classroom and I will do my best at being a lifetime learner!

My Screencast

This is a screencast on the steps involved in enbedding a video into a blog like I chose this as my topic because I have always wondered how people did this and always thought it was too difficult for me to learn. Look at me now and its soo easy.

Google Form

Because I was unable to develop my google form until today I was unable to receive feedback from my fellow students. So I asked a few of my peers from other classes to answer the questions and all of them were amazed that there was a program on the Internet where you can make your own quiz or survey and then see the results in a spreadsheet form. So for any one other then Wes is reading this you should totally check out google docs . This is something that i will definitely use in my classroom. I think its a great idea to have people take surveys or quizzes online, at their own pace and when its convenient for them.


Wow there is a lot of information on this video. Where to start this is a screen cast that walks you through the basic idea of second life. These individuals are involved in creating tutorials on how to use second life. They have tried many types of tutorials but the one that I think would be the most useful is allowing the student to walk through the second life and having instructions and hints as they play. I think it is very interesting that they were able to create a whole city like London as a second life. They mentioned how many people find second life to be very confusing and overwhelming and I agree. I watched the video and I am confused. I also found it interesting that once a person logs into second life they stay for 7 seconds and if they are not hooked they will leave. I normally give something new at least five minutes so that was interesting, we do like in a society now that moves from one task to another at the speed of light.

Honestly I cant imagine using this in my classroom. I would be willing to learn more about the system before I make a final decision but it seems like a very unstructured social network. I am very possibly wrong about this and if so a apologize. I would love to see how we can make this educational for our students. I think that virtual words can be very motivation for our students if they have the proper training on the system.


Paula White is currently a teacher and is responsible for the wikithink which is a wiki all about analyzing your wikis. During her screencast she talks about not only encouraging our students to develop their own wikis but for teachers to share ideas through wikis and to motivate or engage our students with these wikis. Paula uses wikis to share lesson plans with other teachers and to get feedback about her lesson plans. I really like this idea.

As a future teacher to know that there are people out there available to give me lesson ideas and feedback on my ideas is a relief. We need to "discover the students passions" to determine whether our projects are engaging our students. If the project isn't engaging then the students aren't going to want to participate and then what is the point. I really like the block she showed of the 8 engaging qualities of work. I will definitely want a copy of that chart. I really like her ideas and I will be a on her wiki in the future as a teaching resource for my future classroom.

Our First Vacation

This is a summary of my first vacation with my fiancee. We went to Branson, MO and had a blast I recommend that everyone take a trip to Branson.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Tools

Wow this is a long video but it is so worth watching. I was really dreading having to watch this and that is why I put it off for so long. But to my surprise it was very informative and super cute! Many people are nervous when they use materials created by others in their own work. For example the Wizard of Oz. In this video they use the music Wizard of Oz, they gave it new purpose and added value which allowed them to include the music created by another individual. Dr. Velenza mentions so many new tools and how they can be useful for our students. She talks about Digital foot prints and how they can help or hurt a person depending on what is out there. She encourages her students to search themselves to find out what is out there and what their future boss will see. The websites that she encourages are and To see the rest of the tools she mentioned in the video go to Dr. Velenza's Wiki .

I am really interested in creating educational cartoons. This is a slide show I found on Dr. Velenza's wiki that I really liked and found useful.

I love the idea of learning through cartoons. All of her apps would be useful in the classroom and I look forward to exploring them all.

Dr. Velenza shows us that there is more to Google than many people know or at least me. With google you can search topics or events and make concept maps, news time lines, see related searches, and so much more. I also enjoyed her opinion on wikipedia. So many times in school we hear " wikepedia is not a reliable source." But every time I do a personal search online I end up at wikipedia and I find my answer. Dr. Velenza believes that you should use widipedia and other sources. All educators or future educators should check out this video and her wiki because it will be incredible useful.