Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Tools

Wow this is a long video but it is so worth watching. I was really dreading having to watch this and that is why I put it off for so long. But to my surprise it was very informative and super cute! Many people are nervous when they use materials created by others in their own work. For example the Wizard of Oz. In this video they use the music Wizard of Oz, they gave it new purpose and added value which allowed them to include the music created by another individual. Dr. Velenza mentions so many new tools and how they can be useful for our students. She talks about Digital foot prints and how they can help or hurt a person depending on what is out there. She encourages her students to search themselves to find out what is out there and what their future boss will see. The websites that she encourages are and To see the rest of the tools she mentioned in the video go to Dr. Velenza's Wiki .

I am really interested in creating educational cartoons. This is a slide show I found on Dr. Velenza's wiki that I really liked and found useful.

I love the idea of learning through cartoons. All of her apps would be useful in the classroom and I look forward to exploring them all.

Dr. Velenza shows us that there is more to Google than many people know or at least me. With google you can search topics or events and make concept maps, news time lines, see related searches, and so much more. I also enjoyed her opinion on wikipedia. So many times in school we hear " wikepedia is not a reliable source." But every time I do a personal search online I end up at wikipedia and I find my answer. Dr. Velenza believes that you should use widipedia and other sources. All educators or future educators should check out this video and her wiki because it will be incredible useful.

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  1. Good reflection, so glad Joyce inspired you about educational cartoons!