Friday, April 2, 2010

Digital Youth Portrait:Sam

Sam is like most teenagers these days, she uses computers and all other types of technology as often as she can. She is very intelligent and resourceful. Like many students reading a book doesn't excite them and is often not done. She found an application on her phone that would allow her to hear and see the text. For many students reading comprehension is low when they are asked to read on their own and higher when they can read along and hear the text. I think this is a wonderful resource for our students. She even enhanced her piano skills with a program she found online. This program played the song and showed her which keys to press and then she wrote the notes down and practiced on her piano. This is a wonderful Video that shows how useful the Internet is to enhancing the academic curriculum and how motivating these programs are to the students.

Sam shows us that we need to make sure we are up to date on new technology to ensure that we are preparing our students for this technology driven world. All of her attempts with these applications and programs have taught her how to think outside the box and alternative ways to be creative. Students Like Sam can teach us all a lot.

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