Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slaves and Stereotypes: The Modern World and Gender by Alix Rowe

Alix Rowe made this clip and it is amazing. The words come fast so you have to read quickly however it is right on the money! Slaves and Stereotypes brings the issue of role stereotyping from day one to center stage. Girls wear pink and are nice and romantic and boys wear blue and are tough and aggressive. Alix is obviously against these roles saying that with education and technology we should move away from these old standards. We need to see each other for who we are, our individual personalities. The phrase "Boys will be Boys" and "girls will be girls" is used in the clip. The message of being an individual is what we should strive to teach our children from birth. The clip also informed me of a class in Sweden that sued Toys-R-Us because of role stereotyping. The clip is wonderful and it really makes you think. Watch it.


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