Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Nafiza is a young woman in New York who, like many people, is surrounded by technology. Her day begins with her cell phone waking her up and her emails calling to her to be checked and through the coarse of the day it is one thing after another involving technology. This video is all about Nafiza and how technology affects her everyday. She is a video producer, activist, gamer, and social networker. At school Nafiza is in an organization called Global Kids. In this organization she is working on a one minute clip about the struggles some individuals go through in other countries trying to get an education. I think the significant takeaway from this clip is that we should integrate technology into our lessons. I believe that most students would be more interested in a lesson that involves a video camera or computer opposed to the traditional pencil and worksheet. As a future teacher it is also important for me to keep up with the technology so that I can incorporate it into my lesson plans.


  1. Good job on your post, esp with your link and embed. Woo hoo!

    The way in which Nafiza is involved as a teacher and leader, and not just a passive student, is also significant here. Technology needs to be empowered in ways which empower students and not just teachers, and this video shows this ideal very well.

  2. This was a good post with a nice succinct description of the pertinent elements of the video. It is also well applied to the future career of being a teacher.