Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Amazing Cameron

After watching a the video about Cameron I am inspired. Cameron is an eleven young boy who is amazing, he knows more about cameras and computers than I ever could. I would have to say that it was also inspiring to watch him interact with his teachers and classmates was as well. This young boy form Indiana knows more about technology than his teachers and they are the first to admit that and learn form him. I thought that it was wonderful to see teachers embracing the fact that they don't know everything and allow the students to teach then as well as the class. Cameron's video is really inspiring and motivating.

Like Cameron when I was little I liked to use a camera to record my friends playing around. However, unlike Cameron my camera recorded on a VHS and we didn't have a computer with software to manipulate the footage. I believe my dad was still using a DOS at that point. There are so many children out there that really pick up on things like that and its really amazing.

I hope to have the chance to allow my future students to share their knowledge with their peers, to help teach the other students and to take pride in their contributions to the class. I would like to encourage my students to make video broadcasts similar to Cameron's because it allows the students to research a concept or topic, share that will other students and then allows them to see and save their work. I encourage everyone to watch the video about Cameron.

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